Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Intermezzo at Sea, another dream of Gunther Vomberg- Oceansailing

When I was 18 or 19 I had the dream to one day buy a Sailyacht and cross Oceanswith it.

Of course this requires Money. Lots of Money, hundred thousands of Euro, a Sailyacht usually costs the equivalent of a Family Home.
However, optimistic as I was and still am, I did not see this as a big problem.
So 20 years later everything became reality.
First the final Migration into a Tropical country, and then the Lucky purchase of a Sailyacht a German On a neighbor Island.
Originally I planned to build that Catamaran, but that is not that easy anymore.
As my friend, the prominent Catamaransailor Wolfgang Hausner, told me.
And he did build his Boat in Cebu in the late 70'.
However,as mentioned, luck came again into my life and I met a German, who had just the right boat for me.
33ft long, 18 ft wide and build in Germany by a renowned Yacht builder.

Only Problem- It was sitting in Crete/Greece since years. The Guy has had it build in 1995 , but never had the time to sail it all the way to the Philippines.

So we flew to Crete and I had a close look. Good and in very sound condition
( It was dry docked for years in the Port of Heraklion) Just a few bits "missing" (stolen over the years) but within a few weeks we could let it into the water.
That's the "happy day event- Last checks and the Rest is done by the Crane. In the end one sits happy in his Boat. Two things i did NOT like. The name Pangadoy( The last Deam) and the color. Yellow/red/blue...by all love for the Philippines, but White is better.. I changed both in Thailand.
So I paid, got the Papers and first flew to Germany to buy some bits and parts.
The former owner promised to sail the boat down to the Middle east where i would join lateron for the Oceancrossing to the Philippines.

A few weeks later the Voyage to the Philippines began...Next Post.. :-)

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