Thursday, November 29, 2012

After the Ocean "Adventures" back in the Philippines

Back in Cebu City, now as a proud Yacht Owner !

9 months after I left Cebu City to pick up my Sail Yacht I was finally back. Almost 20.000 km and 10.000 US $. (for those which think, sailing is cheap)
From the six months after I sailed "off" I spend 87 days at other places on land, just 92 days were at Sea.

Right in Time for the Christmas Season and the "big Season Restaurant Business".

Not much time for sailing then, and the Place where i "parked" my yacht wasn't very ideal either.

Ok, it was safely tied up right next on a mooring to the huge Trimaran of Vice Admiral Aznar from the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary, but to get there i had to drive at least one hour through the entire city and then pay half a Dollar for every person and myself to go 20 meters through a lot along the coast.
That would not be so bad, but the time until someone came to collect was annoying.

Also the surroundings of 5 star hotels and Resorts may sound tempting, but it was also connected with Jetskis zipping around one, motorboats towing parashooters or waterskiing, and a lot of Boats filled with tourists roaming around "sightseeing.

Mactan Island... if someone would have told me in 1986 that this would be filled with hundreds of thousands of Tourists annually from allover the world, I would have maybe laughed at him.
Back then they did not even had a cemented or paved road to the Airport and the only means of Transport was Tricycles. No Taxi !
Not that I mind really, but I like it quiet when sailing or sitting on my Sailyacht.
Again, a good friend, (PBM) Ben Gonzales and luck came into play.
Although my neighbour in the City, he still had lots of ties to his Birthtown Balamban, where he also served as Mayor for many Years.
So he suggested to move the boat and my business to Balamban. Wait a minute... a "fine dining City Resto" into a provincial, that can't be good.

But he grinned and said, "lets go, you will see".
Okay, said and done and next weekend into the cars to visit Balamban. As expected, nothing there, no Restaurant, no Pubs, only one German ( Peter, who became my friend later) and who ran a tip-top clean as a whistle Apartment complex and lodging house. 
He explained the situation. Balamban had a huge Japanese Shipyard, which employed ( now ) 14.000 people. Plus a smaller British Shipyard (now Australian) which build fast Catamaran ferries.
And those people need something to eat and some more quality entertainment, a place to dine and unwind.
Peter the German already had all hands full with his lodging and multiple other things, so the decision was made quick.
To move the Yacht to the Bay ( which was ideal) and the Restaurant also. What could go wrong ?

That was February 2002.

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  1. Mactan is constantly changing but have heard of some people avoiding it for business due to corruption issues. Not really had any problems myself in Cebu but too many people have mentioned the same problem.