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Guenther Vomberg and the Order of the Knights of Rizal

I thought that this Fraternity deserves an own Post.

So here its is, and a a few Photos also.

As mentioned in the Post about "The Final Migration", I came into contact with some of their illustrious members ( this is how we Knights approach each other officially.)

The Order of the Knights of Rizal is a fine and old Organization, one could say, older than the independent Republik of the Philippines.

The Republic of the Philippines established its only order of Knighthood through Republic Act No. 646 in Honor of the aspirations and ideals of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. In English it is known as the Knights of Rizal and in Spanish, Orden de Caballeros de Rizal.
Its medal is one of the Philippine orders of merit and recognized by many Governments of the world.
    Order of the Knights of Rizal Medal.gif
    Philippine Merit Medal for KR
  • Order of the Knights of Rizal

This just to clarify the Order in short for so many believing it is just a "club" one can join and leave as it may suit him. And it would also explain why so many Prominent and distinguished Filipinos proudly wear their Order on official Occasions .

The Knighthood Ritual in Heidelberg 1995

 Group Photo in front of the famous Castle in Heidelberg - because of the International Convention of the Knights of Rizal, the City of Heidelberg showed the famous 'Castle in Flames" fireworks TWICE in that year. In memorial of Dr. Jose Rizal and Recognition of the Order !

A few years later in Cebu City, I was exalted to the third degree by our Illustrious Commander Supreme Justice Hilario Davide KGOR.

Who and what are the Knights of Rizal then ? And what are they doing ?

The Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines during the Re-enactment of the transfer of the mortal remains of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

This is a Question we are asked many times by Westerners with their goal oriented mindset. ( I have to admit I asked also )
The answer is not that simple, first one has to understand the Eastern (Mid and far) "Group Goal orientation" culture, whereas the individual sacrifices his personal "fame" and "reward" for that of a group (Family, Community, Nationality)
Hence being a Part (member) of a "Group" means far more than in the Western world.
So becoming invited as a Protege of two Knights  of Rizal is rather an expression of an honor given for ones achievements BEFORE the Invitation.
And not as an Invitation to become active in a Civic Club,as the KoR is a Fraternity and as such is as much "public and openly active" as similar Brotherhoods in the Freemasons or others.

As expressed in the Certificates issued to one when becoming Knighted or exalted to a higher degree.

Degrees of the Order:
1st  degree-  Knight of Rizal, KR
2nd degree-  Knight Officer of Rizal, KOR
3rd  degree-  Knight Commander of Rizal , KCR
4th  dgeree-  Knight Grand Officer of Rizal, KGOR
5th  degree-  Knight Grand Cross of Rizal, KGCR

President Aquino receives his 5th degree KGCR medal

It is a merit given AFTER and the Question of "how to become" a Knight of Rizal is false. One IS or NOT.

There are International Chapters in Canada, Australia and the USA which confer the Knighthood to simple hard working members of the Overseas Community, as well as ALL Ambassadors and Consuls are automatic members of the "Consular Chapter". (If they like, but so far nobody declined this.)

Nowto answer the Question" Who are the Knights of Rizal" one can simply look at the Prominence of its members on the International and local level of its members.
The Question "What are they doing" remains as secretive as in every fraternity. But if Illustrious Gentleman like them meet regular since over a hundred years,  protected by constitutional law R.A 646, it can not be simply ...nothing.

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